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The Diocesan Pastoral Council is a recommending body that assists the bishop in setting the direction and vision for the diocese for pastoral ministry. The Diocesan Pastoral Advisory Council engages in a planning process that includes assessment, development of strategies and evaluation. As it prays and works to carry out its mission, the council promotes and models collaboration, collegiality, cooperation and community.

Pesident              Most Rev. Dr. Neethinathan A
Vice President      Rev. Fr. Backiya Regis G (Vicar General)
Coordinator         Rev. Fr. Sebastian George (Director, Pastoral Centre)
Secretary              Mr. Jebamalai 
Joint Secretary    Mrs. Margaret Mary
College of Consultors, Senate Members, Vicar Foranes, One Priest representative from each Vicariate, Commission Secretaries, Two Lay people from each Parish (One Male and Female).
Ex-officio Members  
01. Rev. Fr. Roch Ignatius K            Chancellor
02. Rev. Fr. John Kurian M                Financial Administrator
03. Rev. Fr. Shylock Stephen S          Manager of Properties
04. Rev. Fr. Louis Rayar N                 Judicial Vicar
05. Rev. Fr. Yesu Antony I                 Rector, Junior Seminary
06. Rev. Fr. Benjamin Nesamani M                 Director, CRDS
07. Rev. Fr. Ambrose P                        Superintendent of RC Schools
08. Rev. Fr. Gnanamani S                  Secretary, SC/ST Commission
09. Rev. Fr. Susaimani A                    Episcopal Vicar for Religious
  And other Elected and Nominated Members


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